Thursday, October 4, 2012


Guys...have u heard of new products called MEKAR SEMILU??!!seriously its the best beauty product've met so me i've tried all kind..from the most expensive to the once i've tried Mekar Semilu,say goodbye to all..thanks to my kanda n k.kin...

K.kin ni MS (mekar semilu) pnye avid user cum dealer...bakal kakak ipar i la jgk..when i first met her,i was stunned by her skin.gler putih gebu mulus flawless cam telur.n so the rest of her family.sgt jeles.nak tanya sndri malu so i asked my bf (now my fiancé...hehe i'm engaged!)...i asked "knp kulit k.kin tu cantik sgt...?" then my bf now fiancé told me the secret.i immediately nak try.of cos la ppuan first i just bought the set.i x pkai pun...but then after few weeks i decided to try...the effect was immediate.trus nmpk beza. I'm a nurse so kedut bwh mata is so normal.but after using MS,seriously i lose the lines under my eyes gradually..using MS,i x payah mekap.i threw away all my sephoras,clinique's,bobbi brown's n body shop make here i avid user of Mekar Semilu...n i'd like to share it with for info or ordering...nnt i update the rest k....?

P/s: meet kak syikin.she's responsible of my interest in,not fake...

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