Friday, June 3, 2011

KELANTAN - FINALLY THERE!! busy  these past few days..working, clearing up my things (dah nak cuti sem ni...), n then playing games...haha..dont know y i'm so addicted to games...

hari tu i went to kelantan with jaty n mimi..just for 2 days..n my last time of going there was like 12 years when i arrived there, the fisrt thing caught my eyes was the banner of every shop/business/road sign...


it took me hours to spell it since i'm not good in jawi tho..haha
(CIMB BANK ya'll)

hah...went to kelantan just to meet this cuty baby..

i admired the architecture in kelantan..the houses looks very different compared to other  states..especially houses in Palekbang area...very unique..
this is the house they built in Taman Tungku Anis..nice one...

so, jaty took me to pantai seri tujuh...along with her brother, aliff n her sis, e-pah..
n that's where we camwhoring..not much tho...
very diasappointing pantai sangat kotor..huhu...

so the next day, jaty, mimi n jejai took me to PCB (Pantai Cahaya Bulan)..
the beach flew me away...breathtaking..
sangat cantik..keindahan ciptaan Allah.. the sky was blue...electric blue..
n the sea look so calming..

x sempat nak snap pics banyak2..cos busy eating aiskrin n sata there.,..haha


sebelum balik...pic organizer n baby...hihi..

so, the trip was fun tho..n very different compared to my other trip which always include shopping..
will go back there soon...hehe..
thanks yea...

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