Wednesday, October 27, 2010

what's your choice? i'll talk about footwear.why?because my feet are killing me and i dont feel comfy in my own working shoes..

this is what i use to ward everday...

it looks comfy right?but i just hate it... u can give me these kind of shoes instead....

i can run and i can walk easily in these babies...(they look goods..should i buy?wink2.. :p)

i wonder if i can put on this white babydoll to ward? :))

maybe its because i prefer something with's the battle between high heels... and school shoes?

some days, high heels just doesn't work for i prefer wedges..

hmmm...not these wedges...wpun mereka kelihatan sangat sedap..

i'm talking about this one...

cantik dan sangat comfy..

and this is one of my collections...i have few more in the car...

(my car's boot is my shoe cabinet)

to me, high heels does make a girl sexy...n u should have at least 1 high heels in your shoe cabinet..If you want to start walking in high heels, get some tips from Desiree Stimpert.

so jaty...agak2 bila nak start pkai yer?hihi...

hmm...for tonight,i guess i'm just gonna pamper my feet with

Peppermint Cooling Pumice Foot Scrub

, elevate my legs with pillow n go to sleep...heaven..esok AM xleh stay up..c ya..

p/s: plus sized girls pun blh pkai high heels tau...

(pics credit to yahoo search)

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